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3 Ways to use your Email Custom Audience

If you've been following along, you've created your Facebook business page, tweaked your social posting habits, and created Email Custom Audiences. 

If not, check out these posts on how to do that. 

Here are three ways you can use your Email Custom Audience.

1. Target your Email custom audience for Page Likes.

2. Create an Ad Set to target your Email Custom Audience when you're promoting a post or creating an ad for your product.

3. Create an Email Lookalike Custom Audience

Page Likes

You can create Page Like ads in the ads manager, or in the Power Editor. If you're not using Power Editor, and you want to get that level of control over your ads, check out Jon Loomer's posts about it. He is a treasure trove of FB marketing knowledge.

If you're not sure you need that level of control yet, just use the ads manager. It's totally fine for now.

When you create a page like ad through the ads manager, you just click "Create Ad" on the top right. Then you're going to choose your campaign objective. 

 Choose Promote Your Page

Choose Promote Your Page

Once you choose Promote Your Page, you'll choose the page you want to promote (that's your business page).

Then you'll define your audience.

Email Custom Audience Page Likes

If you've set up an Email Custom Audience, you start typing that audience name where it says "Custom Audience."

Now, create your copy, select your pictures, set your daily budget (start with $5/day), and you're good to go. You do NOT have to set interests or demographics, though if you're a local business, you should target your local area.

For more on copy, pictures, and budget, see below:

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Page Likes by Location and Interest

While you're setting up page like ads, you should also target one by location and interest. Here's how.

 Define Your Audience

Define Your Audience

What's your target audience? If you're a pizza place in Columbus, OH, you won't want to target much outside your neighborhood. Maybe you're around Ohio State. Maybe you can start with that.

Define the area (Columbus, OH), and then click some interests. Type in Ohio State, the Lantern (school paper), and pizza. 

You'll see over 200,000 people. Unless you have a bug ad budget, that's not very helpful.

Select 18-30 year olds. 

Now click demographics - education - schools. Type Ohio State.

Now we have a much better target. 44,000.

 Define Your Audience

Define Your Audience

Set your budget and photos. 

"But I don't have any photos!" 

It's cool. Facebook now has a feature for you. Click "search" under the photos. You'll be able to use stock photos by Shutterstock.

 Use free stock images from ShutterStock

Use free stock images from ShutterStock

Add 6 of them, so that you can see what will work best. Once they're running, check in on them and pause the ones that are not getting you likes. Use the ad that gets the cheapest likes.

Add your ad copy. 

Click "Place Your Order"

Congratulations. Now, watch the ads each day to see how they're doing. Shoot for something around $0.50 per page like. You should be able to get that lower as you figure out what working for your targeting.

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Lookalike Audience from Email Custom Audience

Now, go to your ads manager, and click "Audiences" on the left

 Click Audiences

Click Audiences

Select your Email Lookalike Audience, click actions, and click "Create Lookalike"

 Create a lookalike audience from your Email Custom Audience

Create a lookalike audience from your Email Custom Audience

Why would you create a lookalike audience? Your email audience has asked for your info. They want to get your updates. The lookalike audience is a group that Facebook says is very similar to your email list.

Use this like you'd use your email custom audience, except you'll have to narrow it down using location and interest.

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