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Email Custom Audiences

How to create an email custom audience in Facebook (and why you should).

Check out the first two posts in this series, to see what I'm up to. I'm giving away, for free, a system to help small businesses and non profits (or, you know, the big guys) get a good return from their social media efforts. 

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I'm going to walk you step by step through what you should do to:

  • Grow your Facebook page
  • Target relevant leads
  • Pursue leads in stages 
  • Create a sales funnel on social media
  • Expand your brand by getting more impressions and engagement
  • Get a good return on the investment (ROI) you make on social media

Sound like a lot? It is a lot. It takes a lot of work, which is why you'll hear a lot of people say it doesn't work. But guess what? Like anything, if you take the steps and put in the work, you'll see results. 

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How to create an email custom audience in Facebook, and why you should.

You're a small business and you send out a newsletter. I assume that's true. If it's not, it should be. I'll have a post about setting that up, soon. Sign up above so you don't miss it. 

If you send out a newsletter, you collect emails somehow -- on paper at your register, or maybe with special offers for discounts; maybe you have a loyalty program in place; maybe you're rocking the email so hard you have a huge list. Maybe you have a tiny list. In any case, you have a list. 

Why do I need an Email Custom Audience? 

Get ready for it... 

Not everyone on your list likes your Facebook page.


It's true.

Not everyone who likes your Facebook page is on your list, either. (I'll have a post about how to fill that gap later on. Ahem, sign up so you don't miss it.) 

Part of what we're trying to do for your business in this series is fill the gaps. With the tool we're setting up today, email custom audiences, you have an opportunity to send someone an email, and then to reach that same person on Facebook. 

"But I don't want to annoy people," you say.

Understood. What's your email open rate? Is it 100%? I bet it's not. (if it is, call me.)

You're not getting everyone on your email list to open your email. If you're writing a compelling headline/ subject and giving consistent value, you're getting maybe 30% of people to open your email. That's one third (and that's GREAT). Which means two thirds of people who have said, "Yes, I'm interested in your product, please let me know about it!" will never know about your sale or new store location or writeup in the local paper. 

Let's get another opportunity to get in front of those people by targeting Facebook posts at them. Yep, you can do that.

Ready to start? Get your email list.

Put the list into Excel (or Numbers -- I work on a Mac). 

Convert it to a .csv file

 Export to .csv in Numbers

Export to .csv in Numbers

Still there? Listen, these are simple steps. If you have questions, email me.

Sign in to Facebook. Click the little triangle on the top right, and in that dropdown, select the Ads Manager

 Click Manage Ads to get to the Facebook Ads Manager

Click Manage Ads to get to the Facebook Ads Manager

On the left, select Audiences

 Select Audiences in the Ads Manager

Select Audiences in the Ads Manager

This will take you to the options. We'll go through all of these as we get further into this series. Click on Create a Custom Audience. 

 Create a Custom Audience

Create a Custom Audience

You want to create a Customer list. Go ahead and click that.

 Click Customer List

Click Customer List

We'll get into the other types later. Let's get this set up first, and start building your social media cycle. Let's fill those gaps.

Upload your file.

 Upload your .csv file

Upload your .csv file

You'll notice that if you have MailChimp set up, you can just go ahead and import from there. If not, you're still with me. You're uploading your file. 

Go ahead and click Upload File

 Click Upload File

Click Upload File

And upload your file. If your file has more than just emails in it (for instance, user id or name), you'll see this:

 Error message

Error message

Just hit "Continue uploading file." To avoid this in the future, just make sure that your list only contains email addresses.


 Emails uploaded

Emails uploaded

How do I use this? Two ways. 

FIRST: Target this list for page likes. This way the people on your email list will like your page. You're going to get a much higher click-through-rate on a page-like ad targeted at this list than you would on almost any other list (more on that later). Why? They already like you. They've given you permission to email them. You'll grow your Facebook page much more quickly. 

SECOND: When you're running an ad to promote your new blog post or new product, or if you have an event coming up, create an ad set targeting this group (more on that in another post).

I've used this time and again. It's tested and proven. I've taken business pages with 200 likes to over 7000. And this is always the first step.

Why do I need a Facebook page with 7000 likes? It's not vanity.

  • It's a big group of people who have given you permission to market to them.
  • They've shown interest in your brand or product.
  • They want to know more about you.
  • You can save a lot of advertising money by making sure your Facebook page is growing with targeted, relevant likes. (more on that very very important point, soon)

Will this one step get you to 7000? Probrbaly not. But it's the first in a series of steps that will create a social media cycle, sending traffic to your site, to your social, to your email signups, and back. This is the first small step you can take to make a measurable impact on your social media ROI.

If you put in the time, you'll see the rewards.

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