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How to Hashtag

You've see it before, bad hashtagging. Or more likely you haven't. Why? No one sees an Instagram post with bad hashtags. 

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Hashtags are a great tool. They can get your stuff seen by people who are in fact searching for your stuff! Right? Right. They broaden your post's reach, and help you engage with leads/ customers/ like minded folks who are posting about the same thing.

(PSSSST: Read to the end for some Hashtag trivia that may win you a beer at a bar someday.)

"So how do I use hashtags?"

First, let's do some background work. What's your industry? Do a search in google for "instagram hashtags in ..." and then add your industry. Let's just say it's business. 

Many very smart people have written about this, it seems. Here are some good places to get lists.

  • Post Planner which gives you 30+ niche markets
  • Shopify which lists the top 20 hashtags for insta
  • Top Hashtags which is a copy-and-paste site (be careful about those)

Why should you be careful with these?

Let's say you're a lawn mower, looking for business. If you're taking video of your work (good idea -- lots of room to be creative!) and photos of nicely manicured lawns (also a good idea), you probably don't want to hashtag irrelevant things like #Food. Even though it's popular. People will not like that. 

Please, please, please use tags that make sense. 

Reach only matters when it's relevant (click to tweet)

"How do I find tags that make sense?"

Start with ones you think of, and use the search bar in Instagram. It'll show you how many people are using that tag. 

 See how many people are using a hashtag

See how many people are using a hashtag

In this case, Instagram is offering a variety of tags related to "foodtruck". If I'm a Food Truck, I can use a few of these. You can see how popular "foodtruck" and "foodtrucks" are. Now, if I'm not at a festival, I'm NOT going to use "foodtruckfestival." Why? Because those 10k people will feel tricked. That's not what I'm after. Reach is only good when it's relevant.

Reach is only good when it's relevant! (go ahead and click to tweet that).

 "How many should I use?"

You're allowed a lot more than you should use. If you're starting out, it's ok to load up. As you grow, though, you should start to get a feel for the five most relevant hashtags for your post. 

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