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How to use a Website Custom Audience in Facebook

Today we're talking about how to use your Website Custom Audiences.

Now, if you're following along, you've taken these steps:

  1. Better, native, social posting
  2. Concentrating on your Facebook Business Page
  3. Set up Email Custom Audiences
  4. Started using Email Custom Audiences
  5. Set up Website Custom Audiences

If you haven't gone ahead and done those, start now. They don't take all that long and you'll see results pretty quickly from your Facebook Marketing.

If you have any questions, email me.

Website Custom audiences

IN short, these allow you to re-market. This means that you can reach someone on Facebook, through a targeted ad, who has been to your website. See this post for more.

"How would I use these?"

Good question. Here's an easy answer. 

  1. Create a dark post (More on this soon), targeted to this audience, with some copy specific to them.
    • For instance, you could say, "Any questions about this product?" or "See anything you like?" How about "which is your favorite color (of this product)?"
    • Be creative! You know they've checked you out.
    • You may not want to say something like, "I know you went to our site," since that's creepy. But if you can say something that makes it seem magical and like a coincidence that should play better.
  2. Promote your blog post to them, so you can track how well this audience responds to your blog.
  3. Roll out a new product to them.

"Should I ONLY target this group?"

Good question. Thanks for asking. No.

You should use this tool in conjunction with the other Facebook marketing tools at your disposal. For instance, if you're promoting a new product, you could create one campaign for the product, then a separate ad set for each of these targets. (More on ad sets soon!)

  • Set the campaign for your goal (conversions, web clicks)
  • Create an ad set for each target audience, which means your ad sets could look like this:
    • Ad set 1 targeted to: Fans
    • Ad set 2 targeted to: Email Custom Audience
    • Ad set 3 targeted to: Website Custom Audience
    • Ad set 4 targeted to: Interest targeting

Each ad set gets its own budget. Once you see how they are performing, you can re-allocate your budget to put more money into the better performing ad sets. 

(more on ad-tuning soon!)

That's a good start! Get going! Email me if you want a question answered. Putting this into action will get you better results from your Facebook marketing. Take ownership over your Facebook marketing efforts! Put in the work, and reap the rewards.