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Target users who visit your website, on Facebook

Website custom audiences:

You run a small business. You set up a Facebook page for that business. You're posting natively in a couple of platforms (read here for tips). You've set up Email Custom Audiences, so you can target users on your email list, on Facebook (if not, do that here).

What's next?

Target the people who visit your website, once they get back to Facebook.

"I can do that?"

Remember the last time you went to check out a price on a sofa, or replacement parts for your dishwasher, and then when you went to Facebook, you got an ad for that exact thing? 

"It's not magic??"

Here's how you do it.

Log into Facebook, click the arrow on the top right, and select "Manage Ads" from the dropdown menu.

Now, you're in the Ads Manager. On the left hand side, select "Audiences."

 Select "Audiences"

Select "Audiences"

On the top right, in the green box, click "Create Audience," and select "Custom Audience."

 Select "Custom Audience."

Select "Custom Audience."

Select "Website Traffic."

 Select "Website Traffic."

Select "Website Traffic."

Click the check box, and "Create Web Remarketing Pixel."

 Select "Create Web Remarketing Pixel."

Select "Create Web Remarketing Pixel."

Now, don't get scared. There's a tiny bit of code coming. If you don't handle your site's code, send this to your website manager, and tell them to put this between the <head> and </head> section. They will know what this means. 

 Insert code on your site between &lt;head&gt; and &lt;/head&gt;

Insert code on your site between <head> and </head>

"Am I sure I want to do this? It looks complicated!"

Well, let's see. Do you want cheaper conversions? 

How can we use this? First of all, these people have already been to your website. This is very often your cheapest conversion. They know your product! Or, at least they've seen it. 

  • How about run an ad that asks if they have any questions about the product they viewed? 
  • You could send only this group a special discount.
  • You could put a picture of the very product they just looked at into their Facebook feed (like some very smart companies, ahem J Crew, do to me). 

What ideas do you have for these? Tell me on Twitter!

To target all website visitors, do this: 

 Target all website visitors

Target all website visitors

"What about if I want to target only readers of my blog, not people who visit my whole site, so I can let them know when there's another blog post?" 

Great idea. Do this: 

 Target readers of your blog

Target readers of your blog

"What else can I do with this?" 

How about someone who'd read your site but hasn't been back in a  while


Yep. Do this: 

 Get back in touch!

Get back in touch!

This is very often the targeted group that will give you the best Click Through Rate, the best Cost Per Click, and the best Cost Per Conversion. And when you're advertising, that's what you're looking for. 

I often get this group to convert 50% - 80% cheaper than other groups. 

Let me say that again: this group converts 50%-80% cheaper.

Try it out and let me know how it goes. 

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