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Where Should You Post? Depends.

We get this a lot: 

"Where should I post my stuff?!" 

And here's our answer. Ready? Wherever your audience is. 

Are you a musician? You should get on Soundcloud, and have your shows cast live on Meerkat, with backstage bonus features. 

"What's Meerkat?"

Do this for me, go to Twitter, and type #Meerkat into the search bar. That's Meerkat. All those people live streaming their event. As I write this, I'm watching the Game of Thrones Red carpet, as cast (Meerkast, natch) by Mashable.

 Game of Thrones Red Carpet on Meerkat

Game of Thrones Red Carpet on Meerkat

Who else is using this? Everyone should be. It's a direct line to your audience. They can even ask you questions as you stream. Interaction. Here's Jimmy Fallon:

 He's live-casting his hair and makeup.

He's live-casting his hair and makeup.

So, if you want to hang out backstage with Jimmy Fallon in hair and makeup, you can. 

Are you an artist? Do a coloring or brush stroke tutorial. Are you a musician, cast a show, or cast a jam session. Cast a songwriting lesson. Whatever you're posting, do it natively. (More on that here.)

The point is, you should post where your audience is. Who is it that you're trying to reach? Where are they?

Here are 5 common social posting mistakes

"So I need to try Snapchat?"

Should you try Snapchat? Why not?  If I'm on a college's admissions team, I want to try to reach 17-18 year olds who are deciding about college. I host a series of snaps with current students sharing their experience. If I'm trying to sell homes I probably don't want to reach that audience. 

"What about Facebook? Don't bother, right?"

Here's the thing. It depends. Who's on Facebook? Facebook's growing up. It's people with kids. Does that mean it's dead to marketers? Are you nuts? That's a lot of people! A recent campaign I worked on launched a VOD release of a movie, using targeted Facebook ads (video ads, which perform great), followed by a series of ads to the people who watched the trailer to download the film on iTunes. Amazing ROI. You can only do that series of ads on Facebook, because we created custom audiences for each step of that funnel.

Want to know more about custom audiences? Read this.

The point is not to worry about doing everything. You don't have to be everywhere. But you do have to be where your fans are. Are you a B2B business? Build your LinkedIn and Twitter presence. Trying to reach a young audience? Snapchat and Instagram. Musician? Artist? Definitely live-stream on Meerkat, and get your stuff on youtube and soundcloud. 

What do you think? Where do you see the best results for your business? Let me know on Twitter.