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Crowdmachine builds a media cycle to find and engage your perfect audience.

Your Facebook Business Page Matters

No fluff advice here. I believe in Facebook business pages because I've seen them work.

"But reach is down!"


"The kids are on Snapchat!"


"So how can you say that??"

Because I can get a 10-15% Click Through Rate on ads. I can get $0.10 website clicks.

And you can, too.

"But I tried Facebook ads, and they don't work."

 That's not Facebook's fault.

I am going to walk you through how I do it. Follow this blog and  take the steps in it, and you'll be able to make it work, too. 


Over the next few posts, we're going to build a media cycle together, step by step. Make sure you follow along.

Review the actions in this post first.